Wichita_band_faviLandon and Bray Van Volkmann.

2 Brothers with a BIG sound!

Landon (age 17) has been entertaining audiences since he was 12. His gritty vocals, guitar and kick drum bring an unexpected energy that the crowds love. He engages his audience like a seasoned veteran. Landon is the lead singer in SKYLINES THE BAND with Bray on electric guitar. Landon has been described as one of the best upcoming front men on the Wichita band scene. (Pictured BELOW with the Skylines opening for GOODING).


Bray Van Volkmann is 15 years old. He was chosen to be highlighted in the JULY 2014 issue of Guitar World. Bray has been described as “wise beyond his years.” His mature rhythm guitar complements other players, while his highly praised melodic solos are an obvious reflection of his advanced music knowledge. He’s been mentored by some of Wichita’s finest Blues and Jazz artists, like Michael Peltzer and Rachelle Coba. Together, the Wichita Band add layers of sound that can entertain an audience for hours.

Gina from Mead’s Corner says, “They are exactly the sound Mead’s loves for their patrons.” Expect a great crowd when you book 2 Picks and a Kick!

BELOW: The Volkmann Brothers entertain a crowd with Blaine Martin and Vaughn Craddock, also members of Skylines The Band.

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